Keys To Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney


Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy choice. There is a level of pride that comes from being able to make your own way in this world. Sometimes, however, debts can be so out of balance with the money you bring in that you can't pay them. When this happens, you can find relief by filing for bankruptcy. Choosing a good bankruptcy attorney can be much trickier than simply dialing the name of a lawyer advertised on the internet. Instead, you need to take your time and find a lawyer who understands your needs. 

Deciding if You Even Need an Attorney

Just because money is tight, and you feel like something has to give does not necessarily mean that you qualify for bankruptcy. If you want to see if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you, you need to find a lawyer who has paperwork or forms that you can fill out to determine if you even qualify. You might also want to visit more than one attorney to really see what your options are. 

Finding the Right Attorney

Once you have determined that you need to file for bankruptcy, you need to find a compassionate lawyer. Some lawyers will plough through bankruptcy with the efficiency of a manufacturing plant. This approach might work for straightforward cases, but the more complex your case is, the more you need the experience of a seasoned lawyer. To get some idea of how qualified a lawyer is, you can ask about bankruptcy certification. Such certification will vary from state to state, but it should be a good measure of experience.

To determine how compassionate a lawyer is, you need to meet with them. Ask them about why they chose to go into bankruptcy law, ask them how they approach their cases, and pay attention to how they treat you as a client. A good lawyer will try to dig into the specifics of the case, rather than trying to deliver a one-size-fits-all approach. Not every case deserves the same treatment, and a good lawyer will understand that. 

The complexity of a bankruptcy case will depend on many factors including your assets, how many jobs you have, how many debts you have, and what property you own. Trying to make sense of multiple variables can be tricky, but a good bankruptcy lawyer should be up to the challenge. Richard S. Ross - Bankruptcy Attorney is an attorney in your area you can contact for more information.


11 February 2015

Resurrecting Your Business

When I was a child, I regularly visited a local department store. At this lovely business establishment, one could purchase many items including clothing, shoes, and even hotdogs. Sadly, due to competition and other factors, the store closed its doors for the last time several years ago. If the owners of the store had considered bankruptcy options, they might still be meeting customers’ needs today. On this blog, you will learn how to resurrect your business with available bankruptcy alternatives. Regardless of whether you choose to liquidate your assets or reorganize your entity, the opportunity to remain in operation might be an option for you.