What Should You Do If Your Paycheck Is Being Garnished for Child Support?


If your wages are being garnished due to unpaid child support, you might be having a hard time dealing with a smaller paycheck. Luckily, there are things you can do to help the situation. Here are some ideas to consider. 1. Argue the amount owed. Legally, in many states, paychecks can be garnished for child support as soon as the courts decide on the child-support payment schedule. However, in most cases, your paycheck will not be garnished unless your child-support payments are in arrears, meaning late.

1 August 2016

Deciding When To Throw In The Towel And File For Bankruptcy


Just because you think you can't pay your debts doesn't mean you really can't pay them and should file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gives you a way out of a financial quagmire; it does have its disadvantages. For example, it remains on your credit record for many years. Therefore, it's advisable to analyze your situation carefully and only file for bankruptcy if it is the last resort. Here are three strategies to analyze your financial situation:

14 March 2016